Towards Summer: Two Perfect Holiday Getaways


10 June 2019

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While the rest of Europe rejoices in temperatures above 30 ° C, we are trying to fit in with the idea that the sun when it rises, after all, is not for everyone. Not for us. At least until you see it. Those with holidays scheduled for August and September rub their hands of contentment with the news that this will be one of the hottest summers in history – it was like this last year, two years ago and in the years before it.

Those who have come and run now have a long, hot summer ahead, and with them a slight danger of regret for choosing June to be fresh. It has been realised that the weather is not going well but until the summer is officially closed there are still 11 weeks to enjoy. For those who have not spent all the chips, here are the wishes of a good and holy vacation. For the others who have already pleaded 389 plagues to São Pedro, there are two ideas of a one-hour getaway from Lisbon, heading south, to enjoy the heat that is yet to come.


And what is Cucumbi? Before we get into the temptation to start describing it wildly, it must be said that Cucumbi is all soul and heart. Before it was what it was, it was already a family home, but it was necessary to break down some walls, open the main house spaces and convert the former dwellings of the farm staff into accommodation units. The desire was such that the work was completed in a year and in June, so a month ago, the seven rooms and suites, still smelling new, began to receive guests. The fireplaces of the old kitchens and the rough walls, some whitewashed and some with exposed brick, were kept, and the interiors were stuffed with rustic furniture, country flowers gathered outside the door, straw chairs, Portuguese woollen blankets and linen. Bed so white that there is no whiter white, and that complete a collection of handpicked pieces not to steal natural light inside doors.