09 September 2019

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Cucumbi is named after an Angolan river, that springs near the village where the owner Antonio Frances was born. It’s a rural destination located at Herdade Serra dos Mendes (Barrancao), Alentejo. The owners, Catarina and António Francês, offer you with three apartments and four suites, decorated by the interior designer Sogia Albuquerque. The 118-hectare farm belonged to the family, and two years ago the new owners invested in the rehabilitation of the space. This rural destination opened their doors in June, with great demands from national and international tourists.

The farm features a ceramic studio, games room, saltwater pool, outdoor lounging spaces, a common room with piano (used by Álvaro Cunhal) and a common kitchen where you can have breakfast – or dinner at the invitation of the owners, who solely offer vegetarian dishes with organic produces!

“People come here, have dinner with us and, by the time, are already talking to the other guests as if they were friends and that’s very cute,” said Catarina Frances, who said that launching into this project was “a surprise”.

This is a sustainable and environmentally friendly project: all waters are recycled and reused, the products used are organic and biodegradable and the food is organic. It should also be noted that the farm has a variety of crops and trees, sheep and an aviary for a repopulation project of four indigenous breeds of endangered chickens.