Cucumbi: a rustic guest house in Portugal, suitable for autumn


09 October 2019

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If you needed another reason to visit Portugal, here’s one: Cucumbi, a four-room, three-apartment guest house on an organic farm, run by husband and wife Catarina and ToZé, just opened a few months ago. But you’ll have to venture a bit to find it. The house, which formerly belonged to the couple’s family, is located in the rural village of Barrancão where, the couple reports on the guest house website, “once a week they have a public transportation to the city, three times a week the baker delivers some bread.”

The insides are rustic, earth-toned interiors left sparse—white walls, concrete floors, simple linens and natural textures, artful gatherings of dried leaves, and unexpectedly oversized light fixtures—all designed by Lisbon-based Sofia Albuquerque. Join us for a look.

Above: The guest house kitchen, with sculptural white shelves, a wood-plank table, and a tangle of dried leaves hung above. (For a similar autumnal look, see Bringing in the Sheaves: Harvest Table Inspiration from Caro of Somerset.)

Above: Shelves hold stacks of cream and terra cotta-colored dinnerware.