Activities & Facilities

Walk in the countryside, cycling, eat organic fruit and get to know our farm animals, there’s a lot to do and plenty of time to enjoy nature  Cucumbi. See some of our suggestions.

Visit the farm and the animals

With over 100 hectares, Herdade da Serra dos Mendes is the ideal setting for a family countryside adventure. Synergy with nature kicks in as soon as we go out to breathe the fresh air. Between native plants, fruit trees, crops, and greenhouses, every step is a natural science class waiting to happen. With their feet (and hands) on the ground, the kids (and perhaps the grown ones too) will learn and make improvable friends among Cucumbi's pets, dogs, cats, chickens, and sheep.


Cycle or walk the trails within the property

No compass or map. Cucumbi's trails are well marked and call for walks and strolls. In any case, our dog Soy is always on hand to accompany the explorers within the estate - she is often named a favourite unofficial guide by the kids. Walk, hike, or cycle? There are plenty of ways for families to explore and bond, among fields and hills, under the blue sky of Alentejo.


Prepare meals in the community kitchen

We fancy adding a step to the ``field to plate`` philosophy: from the field to plate via Cucumbi's communal kitchen. Open to all guests and eager for healthy and organic recipes, our kitchen provides meals, friendships, and memories for life. Natural flavours come to life in dishes such as tomato soup, vegetarian lasagne, or mushroom risotto. For the kids, it's an opportunity to spark imagination and learn how to prepare freshly harvested ingredients. Then, season and tweak the dish together as a family and have a meal away from screens.


Swim in the saltwater pool

In Barrancão village, salty swims are not a mirage of the coast. Cucumbi’s saltwater pool merges the best of the Alentejo’s landscape with the pleasant feeling of salt drying on the skin (slowly, as the sun comes up and down).

The pergola, parasols, and adjacent trees provide shade, particularly pleasant in the hot days typical of the Portuguese summertime. The deck with cushions and sun loungers around the pool encourages spirited chats, magazine and book readings, and family card games between dives.


Challenge the family in the games room

Family game night is always a champion idea. It's not by chance that one of the most visited areas at the end of the day is Cucumbi's games room. With a pool table and table football, it is perfect for exercising the healthy competition that runs in most families. Who is going to win? Whether in championship mode or just for a friendly match, offline entertainment has been a key strengthen ties for generations.


Pick fruit directly from the tree…

… And harvest vegetables without fear of getting your hands dirty. One of the great pleasures of rural tourism is to embrace what the land offers. Both children and adults can have a complete experience in Cucumbi: depending on the season, everyone can help with the crops and harvests. After seeing a sloe or an orange on a tree branch, a blooming strawberry plant, or a grown pumpkin, the entire family will want to learn more about the origins of food.


The Cucumbi

Cucumbi has more to offer. More time. More peace of mind. More family experiences. Just challenge the kids and set off toward discovery.