Essential Guide

The essential guide to a relaxed stay at Cucumbi

Hello, welcome to the Cucumbi family! We hope you'll feel at home here and enjoy yourself. Before we get to know each other in person, we gathered some of the details that - hopefully - will show why our property is the best place to rest in Alentejo.

All water is reclaimed and recycled.

The environment is a priority for us. Conscious of water consumption, we have integrated flow reduction systems and water recycling systems. From turning on the tap to watering the plants, or diving into the pool, at Cucumbi efficient water management is at the forefront. In a rural region such as Alentejo, each drop counts.

No room for disposable plastic.

When Cucumbi was just a dream, we already had one certainty: regardless of the outcome, we would not use plastic in the property. Today our food and hygiene products come to us in plastic-free packaging and, whenever possible, we produce the goods ourselves. In each room, decoration details are minimalist with natural materials such as wood, wicker, cork, cotton, and linen.

Our products are organic and biodegradable.

In both food and hygiene, we favour organic and biodegradable products. We advocate locally produced goods or food we can make ourselves using farm resources. In addition to what Mother earth has to offer, the shelves of Cucumbi's lodge and store are filled with handmade soap, wicker baskets, cloth bags, wooden spoons, pottery, and more. Here you will find something to take back home as a keepsake of Cucumbi.

Meals are organic and vegetarian.

Homemade, healthy, and delicious meals, anyone? Eating well and slowly is one of the small pleasures of life to (re)discover at Cucumbi. From breakfast to dinner, everything that shows on the plate is organic and vegetarian, with various vegan options. The property's fertile land provides us with the privilege of serving fresh farm produce such as vegetables, seasonal fruit, or even eggs from our happy chickens.

Experience shifts with the seasons.

From food to everyday activities, life on the farm changes with seasonality. Since we are so in tune with nature, there's always something to do, to learn, or to discover. Throughout the year, our themed programs follow the various tasks of the countryside calendar. You can watch sheep shearing in the spring, pick up fruit in the summer, fetch wood in the fall, or maintain the greenhouses in the winter.

Pets are part of the family.

We are the kind humans who cannot live without the companionship of pets. Our dogs Ginja, Mika, and Soy, our cat Poejo, the chickens, the sheep all lead a quiet life on the farm and love to meet the guests. They are part of Cucumbi's big family, and we could not be prouder of them.

There is much to discover nearby.

The best way to inhale fresh air and enjoy Alentejo's peace is wandering. Less than half an hour away from Cucumbi, rises the impressive castle of Montemor-o-Novo. In the opposite direction, towards the Sado river, rests one of the oldest cities in Europe: Alcácer do Sal. For enthusiasts of typical Alentejo cuisine, the Chouriço restaurant is a must. Just follow your steps and enjoy the view and the flavours.

Now that you know a bit more about us, we are looking forward to meeting you at Cucumbi. Do let us know if you any questions about your stay. See you soon.