established in 2000


Cucumbi is a property that belonged to my father and his wife, and for long time they struggled to maintain it organic since their professions consumed most of their time. Isabel, my father's wife, is a musician, plant-based food lover, and as a fervent defender of a conscious consumption, her passion rubbed on to us. Last year (2018), my husband and I decided to embrace this project, with the help of our dearest friend Fernando - producing organic eggs and vegetables, and starting a small countryside accommodation with seven units.

Cucumbi is located at a village named Barrancão, this place is relatively isolated between two cities Montemor-o-Novo and Alcácer do Sal, with their 50 habitants with the average age around 65. There is no services in this territory, only once a week they have a public transportation to the city, 3 times a week the baker delivers some bread, once a week they have a hawker selling some grocery, there is only a small Association since 2014, called “Os Serrenhos” where they have a small bar where the old men gather everyday for a beer or a chat, it is also the place where the villagers celebrate popular festivities. We have been involved with them, helping to improved the common facilities.

Besides the desire of changing our life by running away from the city, allowing us to dive into the true beauty of nature, we aim that Cucumbi could contribute positively to the village, people and environment.

We already employed Luis (45) and Custódia (59) in a full-time job and Manuel (49) and João (55) occasionally.

We know there is a lot of work to do and plenty of things to learn, but we are ready for the challenges knowing that with the help of our neighbours we will accomplish to build a better place with strong ties between the new and the old generations. Simultaneously we intend promoting an adequate symbiose among the human being and the nature. Our motto is keep it simple, keep it organic!

We look forward to your stay.

Catarina and ToZé