Breakfast and dinner* included in daily rates!

*vegetarian meals

Relax in Alentejo

The journey through the vast fields of the beautiful Alentejo region to the simple but improved Herdade Cucumbi is the perfect aperitif for what will be a refined and unforgettable experience in our company.

Apartments and Suites

The adventure for our homestead begins here. Did you know that all our apartments and suites have names of animals residing in the estate?

Biodiversity in our surroundings



Next to the saltwater pool between dives, in the shade of a tree in the Alentejo heat, in a morning walk in the farm, in Cucumbi breathing fresh air is a constant. All we have to do is choose how we want to enjoy. A two day program - and who can resist a mini vacation in Portugal? It is perfect for enjoying the benefits of outdoor living. Contact with nature has been shown to make us feel better emotionally and contribute to physical well-being by reducing blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension and stress.


Nature feels even better when experienced with family. Walking, swimming, cooking, harvesting, cycling, playing - regardless of age, there is always a new path to explore, a new skill to learn, a new friend to meet. Adventurous families, welcome to Cucumbi.

Five tips for enjoying a fulfilling weekend in Cucumbi

Walks in the countryside, ceramic workshops, quiet nights and time, plenty of time to enjoy nature. As we inhale Alentejo’s fresh air, the weekend unfolds at Cucumbi.